Elevage des Forges

Le Cheval Percheron: Cheval D'exception

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Elevage des Forges is constantly preoccupied by the well being and the quality of its horses, not only regarding its range of females but also the selection and preparation of studs.

Séducteur D’Atout, Male Champion 2008 and Rieuse des Forges, Supreme Championne Female


Séducteur D'Atout, Champion Male 2008

Elevage des Forges selects its stallions to be on criteria of style, origin and paces. The ultimate goal of Elevage des Forges is to make sure that its young males are being considered worthy enough to become stallions and therefore perpetuate the Percheron race.
Males of 2 and 3 years old are shown every year during the last week end of September at the Percheron Horses National Competition in the magnificent spot of the Haras du Pin. At this occasion, the title of “approved stud” is assigned to the best specimens.

Some of the stallions are carefully chosen in order to become the official sires of several French National Haras. Several stallions from Elevage des Forges went through this selection process and can be counted among the most prestigious stallions owned by National Haras in France.
Elevage des Forges has a range of approved stud stallions and is therefore able to offer a large choice to anyone who would be willing to buy its own sire.
As the result of a combination of passion, observation and know-how; Elevage des Forges succeeded constituting a set of females of quality.
Origins and characteristics of every single mare are carefully chosen and considered in order to increase the quality of females bred by Elevage des Forges. Such process of selection contributed to the fact that Elevage des Forges had several times been rewarded with the prestigious 1st Price of Females Troop at the Percheron Horses National Competition at the Haras du Pin.