Elevage des Forges

Le Cheval Percheron: Cheval D'exception

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Elevage des Forges is also a major actor of all sorts of horse and carriage activities.


Into the mechanisation and productivity age, it is a challenge for Elevage des Forges to preserve the use of Percheron horses. One way to achieve this goal is for Elevage des Forges to train some of its horses to the activity of unloading of timber.




Using Percheron horses is evidenced as one of the best methods to preserve fragile areas of the forest and to access those that machine can not.
One remarkable example takes place in Germany where the work consisting in unloading of timber is done by several horses stemming from Elevage des Forges.



The Horse of the 21st century:

Ecology: several French Councils bought a Percheron horse from Elevage des Forges for the purpose of watering plant or collecting garbage.




Green tourism: Percherons from Elevage des Forges can be seen in prestigious and gorgeous spots such as Rocamadour or Blois for a touristy purpose.







Leisure: if you are thinking of buying a Percheron that would take you around your region, then Elevage des Forges would be glad to assist you with finding the perfect Percheron for you.





Sport: full of resources, Percheron horses are very good at sportive activities such as marathon or endurance races. Several Percherons from Elevage des Forges participated with success to one of the most famous races (la Route du Poisson).




In addition, Elevage des Forges offers:

• Horse and carriage for weddings

• Presentations of agricultural work